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Finding Our Voices is a non-profit organization in Colorado Springs that sponsors an art exhibit each April. The event showcases artistic expressions of survivors of sexual abuse and their allies. Artists are invited to exhibit in the annual April FOV Art Show for Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finding Our Voices Featured Artist Wendy Carter

Wendy Carter, in her own words: “I have been interested and involved in art for a long as I can remember. Art to me is not about ‘being an artist’ as much as it is to express my inner world in a creative fashion. Words do not always convey how I feel or how I see the world I value expression of spirit in many forms and love to encourage others to find their own voice.”

Wendy has helped others find their own voice by volunteering for Finding Our Voices (FOV). She was responsible for the Silent Auction held at the annual FOV art show and sale, and helped to raise funds to bring awareness to child abuse prevention.

Wendy says that she is “passionate about color, texture, movement, and expression. The format is less important than the fact that something comes forth to be seen, heard, and acknowledged.” Her artwork includes pottery, oil pastels, photo collage, acrylic on canvas, watercolor, and stained glass.

Wendy uses a variety of mediums to teach individuals for personal expression, and moving through grief and loss. She also facilitates art classes.

In October, you can view Wendy’s art at the Phantom Canyon Brewery in Colorado Springs, CO.

Wendy is also a certified massage therapist and social worker. Thanks, Wendy, for all you do for advocacy!

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  1. Thanks Wendy for sharing your enthusiasm for art with Finding Our Voices. Your spirit comes through the virbrant colors in your art and through your exploratory approach to creativity. Thanks for being a part of the FOV community.