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Finding Our Voices is a non-profit organization in Colorado Springs that sponsors an art exhibit each April. The event showcases artistic expressions of survivors of sexual abuse and their allies. Artists are invited to exhibit in the annual April FOV Art Show for Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Finding Our Voices Poetry Book: Foreword

Finding Our Voices was blessed to have Brandi Ballard (editor/poet/activist) compile the 2011 poetry anthology. Seventy-two poems were published!

Here is what Brandi wrote in the foreword:

"Prolific poet Muriel Rukeyser once wrote that 'The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.' In this way, we are all connected by the stories we tell. As trauma survivors, we have an innate ability to connect with the emotional quality of, and see the underlying pain buried within, other's writing. As artists and authors, our work tends to be deeply emotional and brutally honest. It can also create a feeling of vulnerability that must be overcome in order for a work to become public. The very act of putting pen to paper is a breaking of silence and a step towards building resistance, resilience, and community. I am honored to put together the work of so many brave poets in this year's Finding Our Voices anthology."

Thank you Brandi, and much luck to you on all your endeavors.

The 2011 poetry book is available for $10.00, or $12.00 if shipped within USA. Contact fovartshow@gmail.com for details! Here is a sample of submitted poetry:

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