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Finding Our Voices is a non-profit organization in Colorado Springs that sponsors an art exhibit each April. The event showcases artistic expressions of survivors of sexual abuse and their allies. Artists are invited to exhibit in the annual April FOV Art Show for Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finding Our Voices with Poetry

At the April Sexual Assault Awareness Month art show, Finding Our Voices co-founder Cindilin shared her poems during the poetry session. Other survivors read their poems, which were poignant and powerful.


by Cindilin Pettibone

I hear what you are saying

But are you saying what you mean

I don’t understand.

You twist your words and misuse them

They were not meant to be used that way

Nor was I; dear ones I loved

I don’t understand.

Your holding of me that I loved, craved and needed so

Soon became uncomfortable feelings of touch

Isn’t that how it is for all? I believed

I don’t understand.

You bought me such nice, beautiful things any girl would adore

Clothes, PJ’s, Robe, Purses, Overnight Bag

I had no idea then exactly how I would have to pay for it

But pay I did…dearly

I don’t understand.

The fa├žade of going to the care races

Only to go to a seedy motel

Duck down he would say,

It’s our little secret

I don’t understand.

To be told you have to earn that hamburger

If you want to eat

My tummy was so very hungry

I don’t understand.

You will pick you fun from this card next to it a price

But you must pick from the back—the worst of the worst

There was nothing I wanted to choose

I was his unwilling little whore

I don’t understand.

I was supposed to be light, happy, fun and free

Instead I was dark, ugly, fat and scared of life

I will never experience childhood

I don’t understand.

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